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How to Become an Artist

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How to Become an Artist I often get asked this question: “How did you become an artist?”  It’s a question that stumps me every time. In fact, I don’t really think of myself as BEING an artist.  I like to think about myself in simple terms – as a guy that likes to push puddles of paint around on a canvas here and there. So, how does one become an artist.  I’m talking about a REAL artist.  I decided to google “How to Become an Artist” to see what would pop up.  Everyone knows that the real answers to all of life’s questions can be found on Google.  I was surprised by what I found: How to become an artist: 17 steps (with pictures) How to become a famous artist:13 Steps (with pictures) 4 ways to become a Professional Artist How to Become a Famous and Successful Artist All jokes […]

Welcome and thank you

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Hello everyone and welcome to Robbie Craig’s Northern Projects! Thank you for subscribing to be notified of new blog posts – I truly appreciate your support!

Sneaky Fox

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  I admit, I went a little crazy with the foxes.  What came as an unexpected inspiration, turned into 5 paintings with variations of the original design.  I had a lot of fun creating these pieces.  They took me out of my comfort zone and I even painted my first rendition of birch trees.  My wife would lovingly tease me about my recent fox obsession, by asking me if I had been studying Aesop’s fables lately.  Aesop’s fables aside,  it was as if these sneaky creatures kept begging to be painted among different landscapes.  I couldn’t help myself!  For the past few weeks, I would wake up in the early light of the morning and the second thought on my mind was an image of a small animal…Three hints: it’s nocturnal,  It’s related to Canines (dogs), and  Ylvis created a crazy song that kids seem to love….a fox!  Was I […]

‘Into the Barrenlands’

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‘Into the Barrenlands’ This is probably one of my stronger images to date. ‘Into the Barrenlands’ was a piece created to resemble my experiences living ‘down South’ while in New Zealand and to my home in the North.Each Caribou representing each location. The antlers link my experiences of New Zealand to the North. New Zealand being the lower caribou on the left and the North symbolized by the caribou on the right. In New Zealand there’s an old Maori story that a fisherman caught something large with a ‘hook’. To his surprise it was the North Island of NZ. If you look closely on the necks of the Caribou, you will notice hooks. I too used these symbols to express my connection between NZ and the North.