Sneaky Fox

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I admit, I went a little crazy with the foxes.  What came as an unexpected inspiration, turned into 5 paintings with variations of the original design.  I had a lot of fun creating these pieces.  They took me out of my comfort zone and I even painted my first rendition of birch trees.  My wife would lovingly tease me about my recent fox obsession, by asking me if I had been studying Aesop’s fables lately.  Aesop’s fables aside,  it was as if these sneaky creatures kept begging to be painted among different landscapes.  I couldn’t help myself!  For the past few weeks, I would wake up in the early light of the morning and the second thought on my mind was an image of a small animal…Three hints: it’s nocturnal,  It’s related to Canines (dogs), and  Ylvis created a crazy song that kids seem to love….a fox!  Was I that obvious?  By the way,  if you’re wondering what my first thought was, it’s usually something along the lines of “I’m tired, but guess it’s time to wake up.  Oh! it’s only 4:00am….perfect time to paint!”.

This is a long way to asking for your help.  I would like to make a print – or maybe even 2 or 3 prints of these fox designs.  Trouble is, I’m having difficulty deciding which one(s) to develop.   I’m hoping you can share you favourite fox design with me – so, which one is your favourite?

Thanks for your help –  Send me a line ( I’d love to hear your choice.

I’ll keep you posted with the outcome.